Our Vision

Sistercraft acknowledges the beauty in those who would engage with us in this endeavor. We also acknowledge the darkness we face. To choose to craft, to seek authenticity, to step into a life that aligns with our values, to reach for a life that bring beauty to others is to rebel against a culture that treats women as objects, that says workers are valueless, and that taints the good with the color of exploitation.

Our Mission


We believe people want love and peace handcrafted into their world. Our hands and bodies work to craft unconnected bits and pieces into a beautiful something.

We specialize in broom making, basketry, crochet, printmaking, quilting, and sewing.


We were not born into this tradition, but instead we have asked it to let us join. Our skills come from our grandmother, our mother, & our teachers.


We strive to live in a world where words and women and craft are not only valued, but are worth fighting for.


We are the fiercest when standing together.

The Sisters


Wordsmith Extrodinaire and Chief Crocheting Officer

Joy is a letter writer. She loves people thru words and cards.


Craftsmaker and Chief Executive Dreamer

Beth thinks in images. She is happiest when active, when dreaming, and when making.